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    Hi Brook! I just wanted to say that I read your post about your pregnancy and your twins. It was so amazing to hear your story! And inspirational! Thanks for sharing.


    Reply from Brook:

    Thank you! It was quite an amazing situation to live through. Honestly, had I not experienced it myself, I would never have believd it as the odds were SO extreme. As a NICU nurse, I am fully aware that the situation was beyond dire. I didn't think these things can happen -- changed my whole outlook on God and miracles. I cannot thank my perinatologists enough for their support. I had Dr. Larry Cousins and the San Diego Perinatal Group taking care of me during my pregnancy. They were incredibly supportive. One of these days I plan to write a book about the experience with my doctors. I want people to know that miracles happen, even in the direst of situations. I think if my doctors participate briefly in the writing, it will give more credence. It is pretty amazing to know that my boys made it through so much more than they were supposed to survive and to look at them today....they are perfect. If you ever know of a woman in San DIego who needs help, I highly recommend them. Specifically Dr. Cousins or Dr. Daneshmand -- it is also the perinatal group that Dr. David Schwimmer came from before he started the fetal laser surgery center at UCSD. Pretty awesome guys! Thank you for all of the work you do at these boards. I am not as active as I used to be but I am working on getting more active. I've seen some borderline bad advice lately which frightens me (the waiting 3 weeks in between u/s was particularly scary to me). I can't tell you how much you are appreciated here. If there is ever a case that I can help with, you are welcome to let me know at [email protected] -- I check that daily. I am passionate about TTTS although right now I've been a little remiss at reaching out. It is an awesome responsibility and I am glad that you are here to help!! I surely don't feel like an "expert" on TTTS, but I do feel I've got a fairly good understanding of it. It is my life goal to be in a position to help others dealing with it. If Dr. Schwimmer EVERY needs an RN, I will be first in line begging for the job. :)

    If there is ever anything I can do, I can also be reached at 619-334-4336. Anytime day or night - it has been a wonderful ride of watching my boys grow and overcome their obstacles. I have had episodes where Mary, Dr. DeLia and I were all working together late into the night to try to help others. It is amazing what a little information and support can do.....I feel like I have tremendous support here. I thank you for YOUR support too. It shows what a caring, compassionate Dr. you are that you are. Thank YOU!!!!!!

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